Meine Homage an diesen wundervollen Hundefreund

My brave little angle.

You've been by my side whenever I needed you, we shared so many amazing moments and loved each other to the fullest.

When I was a little girl I dream of a dog as my best friend - but what we had was more than that. 

We went on so many rides together. You slept on my couch, while I did homework. My early school days always were accompanied by the thoughts over our adventures in the afternoon. You guarded my treehouse, my burrow, my horse - not even the biggest boar scared the hell out of you. Well, I was scared! A LOT - because of you. I banished every wasp coming near to you, because of your allergy. I trounced Mum and Dad if they didn't do the same.

I always have been scared to lose you. Now I know I never do. You'll be always a big part of me.

You joined every sleepover with the girls, watched tv and laid next to me during hard times of studying. You always demanded strokes, the rest of the ice cream, a pice of Parmesan and a treat even you didn't do anything, but I did-like washing your feeds because you couldn't stop sticking in the mud.

Do you remember how much you liked it too run through the deepest pile of snow? Until so much of it glued into your coat, that I had to carry you home, because it simply became to heavy.

Not even the fact you ruined my favorite socks or your little escape out of home reduced my deep deep love. 

You didn't miss to stay by my side through heartbreaking breakups, failings or the loss of grandpa Lorenz. You've always been my guarding angle, every moment since I've been 10 years old! 

Our bond will never end.

I will always have my best friend, family member and most faithful partner in the middle of my soul. See you in paradise little angel.

Seelenhund Anjo, Familienmitglied Tier